Boyoung HS always thinking that Product Safety, Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety will be best priorities in our management.


“Thank you for customers supporting and encouraging our company consistently”




“Thank you for customers supporting and encouraging our company consistently”

The combination of business policies

Product Safety

Product Safety

Securing the Trust and satisfaction of customers by producing and by designing the suited products satisfying the purpose of the use through the regulation and requirement based on philosophy of customer respect.



Achieving customer’s satisfaction and trust by delivering products having the best quality through developing request satisfaction based on philosophy of customer respect.



Preserving the environment of the Earth by minimizing environment effects of pollution and by satisfying requirement based on philosophy of environment and growth.

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety

Making good working environment by securing safety and health of employees and by minimizing occupational health of dangerousness through requirement’s satisfaction and improvement based on philosophy of life respect.

Company History

03. 10. 21

> Established Company

04. 08. 30

> ISO 9001/14001 Certified (Quality Management System)

05. 11. 18

> CLEAN Factory Certified

06. 07. 07

> Exchanged Name to Boyoung Hs Co, Ltd

07. 11. 02

> Selected by ‘Emerging Small Business

10. 01. 12

> High-Tension Cu-alloy Co-developed with POONGSAN/ LED lighting business launched

11. 01. 27

11. 03. 07

11. 04. 12

11. 05. 24

11. 08. 10

> Selected as New Exporter 300

> Established of R&D Institute

> Qualified For military specialists

> Certified Venture Business

> OHSAS 18001 Certified

12. 05. 11

12. 05. 23

12. 11. 01

> Get New Factory (1,823m²)

> Patents as No.10-1151585 (Integrated check valves for high pressure fluids)

LED lighting for ship launched

14. 01. 18

> Patents as LED Lighting (4)

15. 11. 01

> Established Lighting division for ship

Organization Chart

Business Field

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