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“BOYOUNG HS manage whole manufacturing process in-HOUSE”


What is strong points in BOYOUNG HS ?

    • Maximum quantity of light and life with lowing the LED chip temperature
      》 Lower LED lamp temperature with LED cooling design using Heat pipe
    • Minimum weight and volume of LED Lamp
      》 80W LED lamp -> 3.7kg and 4ℓ
    • Realized LED Lamp of Maximum light output
      》 Development in progress of LED lamp with 500W ~ 1KW grade or more
    • 360° rotatable bracket type for industrial light
    • Power with inner and exterior waterproof
      》 Selecting a power installed inside or outside with service environment ,Waterproof function can be applied
    • Aeromechanical waterproof , heat dissipation and reflector design
      》Add an aluminum heat sink with radiator in Heat pipe edge
      》Design for headwind with air passage in cover , Add a waterproof function
AC Driver Circuit Design Technology

AC Driver Circuit Design Technology

  • 110V Only, 220V Only (50~60Hz)
  • Needlessness of SMPS (No Condenser )
    》 Guarantee LED light life by minimizing the use of short life part
    》 Almost same with life of LED Chip
  • Operating temperature  : -20 ℃ ~ 50℃
  • Almost zero of EMI
  • Compact structure : Circuit inner 4mm (including LED substrate and chip)
    》 Half weight compared to other make
    》 T5, T3 Tube is also possible manufacturing
    》 Minimum defect rate with simplification of the manufacturing process
FIC (Free Voltage IC)

FIC (Free Voltage IC)

  • FIC Product finished / semi-finished products specifications
    Available in 90 ~ 265V (50~60Hz) as Free voltage
    》 SMPS is not required (No need electrolytic condenser)
     Not using a short life electrolytic condenser , product life is increased as LED element life
    》 Operating Temperature  : -40 ℃ ~ 60℃
    》 Power factor : 0.9 above(100V ~ 230V)
    》 life : 50,000 hour above
    》 No EMI
  • The disadvantage of the electrolytic condenser
    》 The temperature of Bulb of General LED light using the electrolytic condenser rises to 70℃ or more.In this case, LED lighting can have problems that life decreased rapidly to approx. 10,000 hours .Over-voltage can make rupture
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