New Products (LCAS series) – Flood Light series / For Marine

Product Description

Model No. LEP-F040 LEP-F060 LEP-F080 LEP-F100 LEP-F120 LEP-F150
Wattage 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W
Voltage 90~250(VAC)
Frequency 50 / 60(Hz)
Power Factor 0.9
Luminous Flux 4,950lm 7,400lm 9,815lm 12,862lm 15,000lm 18,580lm
luminous Efficiency Typ. 120lm/W Typ. 120lm/W Typ. 120lm/W Typ. 125lm/W Typ. 125lm/W Typ. 125lm/W
Color Temperature 5,700K
CRI Min. 80 Ra
Beam Angle 95 °
Service Temperature -30 ~ +50℃
Life Cycle 50,000 Hr
Weight 6.3Kg 6.3Kg 6.3Kg 13.2Kg 13.2Kg 13.2Kg

  • Applicability
    Most lighting fixtures are designed to use for certain purposes and
    space and only used where they are used.But, INFINITY LAMP can be applied to all type design and has a lot of
    lamp modules type.So Lamp that has an infinity module can be applied to residential space
    commercial space, public organization, office and ships.
  • Extensibility
    INFINITY that has module system is a system for being able to
    have extensibility.It can be applied to various project any size as small , medium and
    large with using the same parts.It has an easy installation and maintenance
  • Easy installation and maintenance
    Conventional lighting systems were very complex to install and difficult to install without a skilled technician
    Also, it is hard to do maintenance.But, INFINITY LAMP is very easy to install and maintenance is also simple.
    For example, CLICK-IN, CLICK-OUT lamp modules of INFINITY LAMP are able to be installed/replaced with
    a new lamp module without using tools
  • A state-of-the-art product
    INFINITY LAMP can be upgraded with CLICK-IN and CLICK-OUT functions to keep a state-of-the-art product.
    Used lamp modules can be upgraded anytime with the new type lamp modules.For example, the simple lamp module that has only ON/OFF function can be replaced to the smart lamp module that
    has a remote control function.
  • Reasonable price
    INFINITY LAMP is a module type product to keep a high quality and reasonable price.
    The price of a product is at least 1/3 cheaper than that of European products.


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