• 1 x 8W / 1 x 13W lighting, fixture, IP44

(Additional ceiling light of recessed type shall be fitted, if necessary)
Socket outlet with isolating transformer
Mouted above the mirror

Product Description

  • The scope of application
    Applied to illumination of wet place such as sidewalk, bathroom, washroom, sailor’s rest room etc
  • Products characteristic
    1. The shell adopts good quality aluminum,
    lampshade adopts PMMA
    2. The lamp body has compact structure and delicacy appearance
    3. Spin type lamp holder, and power supply socket

Model no. and Dimensions

Model No. Power Voltage Lamp Holder Cable Outside Diameter Protection Class Weight (Kg) Remark
HD-15-LB 1 x 8W 110V-220V / 50Hz
110V-220V / 60Hz
G13 ¢10 ~ ¢14 IP44 1.1 -
HD-15-LB 1 x 8W 1.9 With socket
HD-20-L13 1 x 13W 1.23 -
HD-20-L13 1 x 13W 2.0 With socket


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